Thursday, 23 April 2015

Stalkers alert!

Stalking isn't really one of my best traits... I envy people who can efficiently stalk. How am I suppose to keep track of all my crushes if I don't stalk them? Especially since some of them either do not even know I exist, or they don't know I know they exist. Anytime I try stalking someone, not the creepy type though, just the normal checking up, googling, passing roads or going to places I think they could be, I end up making mistakes or totally unsuccessful... mtchew I guess I'll never make a good private investigator so I advised my self to focus my energy on something more important like Benue mangoes...oh yeah, Tis the season to eat mangoes.. falalalala la la la la
There's very little that's healthy, mind blowing, sweet, tasty, and as delicious compared to Benue mangoes and the best part is that it comes in different flavors and names... julie, dawcha (or whatever way it's being spelt) e.t.c you name it. I just can't stop feasting on them and I've been doing so solely for the past two days, been getting them free of course...God Bless Benue Mangoes....

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