Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My novel

Dora opened her eyes slowly.  She'd been awake for some minutes. Yes, she thought to herself, today was the d-day.  So many preparations had been done, so many arrangements, and so many people had been invited, even a senator was going to be in attendance. She heard her stomach growl, reminding her she'd skipped dinner last night. Her mum had advised her to, to avoid 'running stomach' on the d-day. Dora turned and looked at Kevwe, her best friend lying next to her. They've been childhood friends and have been inseparable ever since.
Dora's stomach growled again.  She turned and reached for her handbag, opened it and brought out a candy bar. She knew she shouldn't, but she just couldn't resist.  It was her wedding for Pete's sake, she should be entitled to some luxury and not a growling stomach or this feeling of dread that was rising slowly. Her eyes were filling up with tears which she quickly wiped off as she heard Kevwe turn.
"Madam, is it not too early?"  Kevwe chided softly. "If you like tell me you're pressed during the ceremony, I won't assist you in loosening and re-tying your wrapper o"
When Dora did not respond, Kevwe sat up quickly and looked at Dora.
"Babe, what is it?"
"Nothing" Dora responded a bit too quickly.
"please don't tell me you're thinking of Dennis". Kevwe asked. "He's dead, please today is your traditional marriage stop stressing your self with thoughts like that".
"I know, but it's involuntary, he just pops up without me wanting him to. It's been three years but I still think of him and especially on a day like this. I'm supposed to be married to him". Dora said as the tears finally started pouring.
"sweetheart, it's okay na, I know he's your first love, but Emmanuel is a great guy and he loves you very much and he's rich sef, ehn". Kevwe comforted.
Dora smiled, dried her eyes and gave her friend a hug.
"Oya, it's okay, goan take your bath, it's almost time for your make up artist to come and start"
"Thanks dear, what would I do without you?" Dora replied.
" You'd have cried yourself to death by now, cry cry baby.  I hope you know you'll soon be a mother, you better do and stop all these your tears o"

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