Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Car accident and me...

I got hit by a car today... first time that's ever happened to me. I woke up this morning thinking if I should go back to Benue to continue a programme I started or I should just stay home, get a job pending when I would go for my MSc., I also taught about making a new hair style and couldn't decide on what to make (so much indecisiveness today).  Well, after morning  devotion, I decided to lose the old hair-do, took my bath and embarked on a 'journey' to the bank. I got down from the keke I'd boarded, and decided to cross to the bank across the road and the next thing I heard was gbam!...
Next thing I knew I woke up few hours later and I'm looking into the cutest eyes and face ever.
'Hi' he said, 'My name's Usman and you're in my palace, I'm sorry you got hit by my car, and the doctor that examined you said you're okay, but I was a bit worried since you were not waking up. Thank goodness! you're awake now'.
I just stared at him, then I heard someone come in from the door.
'Oh, here's your masseuse' Usman said.  I hope you have a great massage, I'm going to try to contact your parents, out any member of your family'
'How... ' I started, but he'd already gone out.
I got the best massage ever, and after that Usman said it was time to go home, he drove me home in his limo, stayed a little bit in my house and talked with my parents, apologising profusely for what happened. Oh my! I think I've just met my soul mate!  He even left a note in my purse saying, I'd like to set my eyes on your lovely face again if you don't mind..  
P.S Everything you just read was made up... I  live a normal life and I'm not starring in a telenovella...
But I did get hit by a car though, on my way to the bank, but no injuries, or charming prince. Just a scratch and a guilty driver who apologized since he was driving on the wrong lane. Then I went to the bank and stood on a long queue for hours... Thank you Jesus I didn't die today.... 

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  1. So you'd like ur prince charming to be a Muslim?
    Anyway, sorry about ur accident. It happened for a reason, just thank God