Tuesday, 7 April 2015

That Great Day

That great Day is coming
That great Day is coming
All men shall stand before the throne of God and give account of themselves...
There was a time where I couldn't sing this song without that little voice inside my head making me feel guilty.  But thank God I can now.  How many of us can?
We've grown so lax about that great day which we all know is coming.
A pastor once said Christians are the best actors and actresses ever.  They live their life like unbelievers throughout the week and on Sunday you see the churchy side of them, speaking in tongues and kabashing like they were not the same people who were misbehaving throughout the week.
I think one of the major reason why Christians are like this is the kind of things they hear in church. It's usually prosperity, how God blesses you when you give, good success e.t.c. gone are those days where people go to church and weep during messages. What happened to those days where people are so full of God's presence and even when they get home after service they just remain in that state of total submission and reverence for God. Today, immediately we step out of church, we resume our normal lifestyle of lying, gossiping, malice, back biting etc.
Let's just have it at the back of our minds that that great Day is coming where we'll all give account of ourselves and no one would intercede for us, not our pastor, parents, spouse or even Jesus...

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