Thursday, 2 April 2015

Good Friday

Jesus died on the cross
Saving me on the cross
Healing me on the cross
To redeem me...
Hallelujah He arose
To redeem me
My mum always sings this song on good Friday.
And happy good Friday people.
Let's all use today to think of what Christ did on the cross for us and give him thanks for it.
Going to church later this evening and we'll probably be watching that movie about Jesus' crucifixion which would make everyone cry.
I still don't get why people cry when watching movies, such movies are actually funny to me and I end up laughing while others are crying. Someone once said its because I'm not emotional, oh please, all I think about is how all those actors and actresses have eaten their money and how fake their acting usually is.
So my prayer today is...  Dear Lord, please help me not to lol while others are crying in church today, Amen. 

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