Saturday 4 July 2015

what has happened to education in Nigeria??? Pt1

The system of education in Nigeria today is sooo pathetic. The initial goal of education in Nigeria includes;
·        to develop an individual into a sound and effective citizen and,
·        to fully integrate an individual into a community  
But today, we’ve all transformed that into… acquiring certificates. People in school these days all fight to get a good grade just so their results would be okay and hence get a good job, its so bad that this extends to even the junior secondary schools…these little children of 12 to 15 years go up to the extent of paying for ‘expo’ during examinations just so they could pass. So where is the problem coming from? Is it the teachers, The parents, The Government, Or the system of education in general…Some of my lecturers use to say, with the equivalence of a primary school certificate back then, you could either become a teacher, get a good job or open up a business. But these days we have graduates from tertiary institutions who cannot even defend their certificates or even speak correct English … like I said…pathetic.
What has changed between then and now? How come the same country with the same goals or even better ones is finding it difficult to achieve what it used to? be continued.