Tuesday 31 March 2015

March 31st

Are you looking to buy, rent or build an apartment? Please please please never do so close to a church. Okay, when we built this house ( the one I live in with my parents), this church wasn't here. But all of a sudden it appeared. Yeah, churches do not take time to be built, you just wake up one morning and voila! there's a church next door, and then it's really bad if it turns out to be one of these 'fire fire' churches just like the one close to my house.
Apart from the fact that you are a part of every service willingly or not, it intrudes into every thing you do.
So this morning, we're having our family devotion and all of a sudden the church starts singing and then we were all drawn to it and everyone (apart from my dad of course) starts singing absent-mindedly, until he said as soon as devotion is finished, y'all should go get dressed and go for that church service, since that's where your minds are.
so now I'm here inside this church blogging and vowing never to get an apartment close to a church or an empty land since a church could end up buying it, unless of course it's my church.  Umm even at that,  I would still be forced to attend every service.  No way.
Yay! the pastor it's about to share the grace.
why is it called sharing the grace sef? How do you share it?  na pie?

Sunday 29 March 2015

First post

Are you bored, unhappy, wish life was a bit more exciting, stressed, a workaholic, tired of reading novels (e.g my whole household), or just need a little distraction.  Then yeah... this blog is probably what you need... It promises to be exciting with entries of daily happenings and then short inputs of my novel. P.S I started so many novels but never got past the first chapter, so I'm guessing this will probably help me complete one, or not...
Anyway, my life isn't really that interesting so be sure to expect some stuffs to be made up, oh sorry! wasn't suppose say that out loud or write that ( umm, whichever). But I'll try to be as honest as possible and promise to give y'all a great time reading.

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