Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Movies and Nightmares

The movies we watch during the day affects our dreams, and being a movie lover, my dreams most nights are usually adventurous. Like yesterday I watched 'into the woods' and last night I dreamt of a man who changed into a cat! This happened because he kissed a guy whose tradition forbade him from being gay and a curse was put on him that whoever he decides to practice it with would be transformed to an animal.  So here I am in this epic drama and we were all trying to figure out how to help out the guy/cat cos he turned out to be friend of mine. We had to do something urgently cos we all had to go for another friend's engagement party and of course we couldn't go with him or it? So while I was busy consoling and trying to be a good friend my alarm clock went off.
So here's the question...  Do I think that dream was relevant to something that would happen in real life?  Hell no! and that's the mistake we make sometimes, we watch an horror movie, end up having nightmares and then we wake up and start kabashing, oh dear! I wonder how God reacts to such prayers.  Probably with a ' That's what you get for watching an horror movie right before bed'.
I'm not saying dreams are not relevant or important cause they are. I'm just saying we should know the difference.

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