Thursday, 9 April 2015

Chapter two contd

'Where's my headtie ooo'. Mrs Smith wailed. The whole house was filled up with people at every corner. She checked the bed again. This was where she had kept it and she was sure of that.
'Did you see my pink headtie?' She grabbed the girl passing by her.
'It's with the makeup artist and she's waiting to tie it for you ma'
'So they could not tell me abi'. She hissed as she crossed to the other room where her daughter was dressing up.
'Well done ooo, my children'.
Choruses of 'thank you ma' accompanied her greeting.
'I hope they've given you people food o, why is this room hot?  ehn?, young lady put in the A.C' She beckoned to one of the makeup artist's assistants.
'You people want my bride to be sweating on her own day abi'
'Mummy, the room is not that hot now', Dora replied.
'How will you feel it when all your mind is on your husband, have you eaten sef? and why is this tv on? '
'Mummy,  I'm okay jor, I ate small rice an hour ago, and the tv is not disturbing....' Dora stopped suddenly with her eyes transfixed on the tv.
Her mum turned to look at what had caught her daughter's attention and heard a scream behind her.  She turned back and saw her Dora on the floor unconscious with the makeup artist trying to fan her.
'Dora!!!, my baby!'. She rushed to her. 'Someone please get me water o, and give her space'.

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