Monday, 6 April 2015


when I started farming in Benue during my service year, lots of people didn't believe I would know what to do with a cutlass out even an hoe.  But I proved them wrong and I planted sweet potatoes, harvested, ate and sent some home.  Where did that strength or morale come from?  they all ended up asking. well it came from my dad.
I'm from a home where we're all girls and who do you think takes care of the backyard? And that's what happened this morning.  Immediately after morning devotion, daddy pleaded with us to go clear the empty piece of land next to our house. Well, I had fun a bit, but it wasn't easy and my palms still hurts...
Had a praise night in church this evening, hmm nothing like being in the presence of God and having FUN!!! Now I'm on my way back all pumped up, we decided to trek, no scratch that, stroll, no, not that, jog home....  and in jakpa junction singing 'Take me to church' at the top of my voice. Is this even a Christian song...jeez did that car just honk at me and it almost hit me.  Okay no more typing and walking on the road.

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