Friday, 3 April 2015

Chapter two

Greg James  looked at the mirror one last time and adjusted his tie for the umpteenth time. He could not get over this feeling of dread washing over him. He had this feeling that he was losing something very precious. He sighed and picked up his jab jacket from the bed where it had been laid out by the maid. There's no time for feelings he couldn't place, especially on a day like this.  He was going to be made partner at the biggest pharmaceutical industry in the country and this would be done on national television. He smiled to himself and turned to mirror and said 'yeah, this is the face that's going to be on channels television, NTA, TVC, AIT,yeah you name it'.
Not bad, he thought again.  His face looked perfect and even the scar on his forehead couldn't change that.
He touched it and remembered how he'd gotten it three and half years ago in a car accident where he had lost his memory. Well, on the good side that was what had changed his life and he was a multi-billionaire about to be made partner.
He picked up his car keys and walked out of his suite with the feeling that he was about to lose something.  No way, I'm getting something, he thought to himself.

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