Saturday, 4 April 2015


Weddings in Nigeria these days are boring. Urrgh!!! I'm sitting here feeling sleepy and I feel like punching this mc. mtchew.
Why can't someone just change this normal trend of:
-welcoming of guests
-high table guests
-chairman's speech
-couple's entrance
-blah blah and blah same old same old
It's infuriating!!!  and boring cos you already know what you're expecting before going for wedding reception.
I think it's a waste of time, I really appreciate that couple who did that dance entrance stuff which others tried to follow. At least it added something exciting. I think I'll do something different during my time, no need saying it now so no one copies it.
Another aspect of weddings are the kind of people you see... There's always;
1. A cute couple who dresses cute ( not the ones getting married]
2. A girl who dresses like a slut
3. Someone who wears the 'reigning' dress or material
4. A friend of either the bride/groom's sister whom she showers with food and drinks
5. A weird looking man who is either shabbily dressed or a drunk ( in this wedding he's sitting close to me which is kinda scary and I'm clutching my purse tightly)
Be it a rich or poor wedding these cannot be left out.
Yay! mummy just signaled me, we're about leaving... 

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