Sunday, 3 May 2015


I'm sorry I've missed some days...The main reason I started blogging was because I was extremely bored and now I'm extremely busy... So I needed another reason to continue...
So I'm gonna continue cos I like airing my views and thoughts.
Like now I'm thinking about what it'd feel like if I had supernatural that I can control and deal with some people. Not something wicked, just a little thrashing or mind-controlling cos some people need it badly.
Ever had an adult around you misbehave so badly you just feel like slapping or smacking them like children.
For example, we were in class on Saturday having lectures and some students were just standing outside buying, selling and making the most annoying kind of noise. The lecturers tried chasing them all to no avail.  They were just like a flies and goats you chase this minute and the next minute they're back.
That's the reason why I love Madea in the movies. She had this control over everyone, even adults and was ready to smack them if they misbehaved. But then, maybe I'm also a nuisance to someone and they were wishing they could smack me also. 

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