Friday, 8 May 2015

As I lie in bed tossing and turning, unable to sleep. I reflect back on when I was younger and I used to think the world literally revolved around me. please change that literally to LITERALLY. Oh yeah! I used to think nothing else or nobody existed when I wasn't around. Okay, lemme explain that. For example, I attended a boarding school (shout out to FGC Odi) and I used to think whenever I left for school, every other person back home ceased to exist and those in school suddenly spring up and start existing. Then when I'm back home, people at home spring up and those in school disappear. I felt as if I was in a movie where I was the only star and appeared in all the roles. I felt my heavenly father was just watching me from above thinking I didn't know that I was on to Him and His make-believe world. I was so convinced and absorbed in this line of thinking that whenever people around me talked about something that happened when I wasn't there, I'd be like 'See these ones, who are they trying to deceive, do they think I don't know what they are all up to?' and so it went on and on until...
gbagam!!! Cell phones came on. Now you can just call anyone anywhere whenever and they'll be there to answer! Skype, video calls, and all whatnot called technology ruined my life...mtchewwwwww. Now I don't even think people care if I exist or not. Apart from family and friends of course.
But then it could still be true. The advent of technology could be just to steer me away from my line of thought and make me believe other people really exist and the world doesn't revolve around me (which they succeeded in doing). I could have been right all along and the world actually revolves around me and everyone is just acting like they are really there, and all the people I hear about in other countries are just there to make it seem real....Who knows.... I'm going nuts and I really need to sleep 

Glossary; gbagam: loud clapper of bells signifying dawn of reality
               mtchew: hiss, mtchewwwwww loud and irritable hiss

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