Wednesday, 27 May 2015

He raped her and she raped him back

I was walking down a street in school with two of my colleagues and I was complaining about how hot the sun is in this state when we came across a guy. He was dressed shabbily and looked a bit mad, had beards all over his face and was generally unkempt. As we walked past him I prayed silently he wouldn’t accost us, but then also grateful for my male counterparts who I’m sure would protect me from him if he did when suddenly he hailed one of us.
The colleague he hailed turned and answered him in a familiar way.
“Do you know that guy?” I asked after we had gone a few paces ahead.
“Yeah, I do. I even know his mum, she works here”
“Really, what happened to him?” I asked.
“A woman put him in that position”
“How come?”
“He wasn’t always like this, but his love and insatiable hunger for women landed him in this position. He couldn’t stay away from anything under skirt and one day he raped a girl. She placed a curse on him and since that day he has been insane, and now whenever a girl mistakenly falls into his trap, he beats her up mercilessly”.
“Yeah, he raped her and she raped him back” my other colleague added.
I tuned back to look at the young man and wondered how he threw away his future because of his lustful desires and shook my head sadly.

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