Monday, 18 May 2015

Are you an illiterate??? Find out!

What is Education?
The meaning of education can be looked at in two dimensions; in a broad sense and in a restricted sense.
In a broad sense, education embraces all the experiences which an individual acquires including knowledge, skills, and attitude. These experiences may be acquired within or outside an organized school system as well as those received outside it and range from advice given by parents and elders that the individual makes use of from the first few days at the beginning of life and the last few days, towards the end.
In a restricted sense, education refers to those learning experiences that are provided by or sanctioned by the state, that are transmitted in institutionalized settings and are concerned to provide a broad understanding of the world. This form is also concerned with transmitted knowledge, skills and attitude that are sanctioned and considered worth having in the society which the individual lives.
In whatever sense, education is needed for the survival of the society and aims in making learners less ignorant and well informed. Education is from the society and for the society. It refers to all the experiences that help to shape and change an individual positively, to enable him or her to be useful to his or her society.
Being an educated person does not rest solely on certificates. That’s not even relevant anymore due to the dubious ways most of such are acquired. Hence, who is an educated person? Rather, who is an illiterate?
ü You’re not educated if you can’t apply the skills, knowledge and attitude you’ve acquired to make your society better.
ü You’re definitely an illiterate if you divert funds given to you for the benefit of the society to personal use.
ü You’re not educated if you finish eating a snack, or finish drinking satchet water and not dispose the waste properly. Illiterates throw waste out of their car windows when in a moving vehicle.
ü  You’re also not educated if you zip down your fly and urinate anywhere, anyhow in your environment.
ü You’re not educated if you can’t bring a positive change in your society.
ü If you do not know the roles, rules, relationship and culture of your society, you’re an illiterate.
ü If you don’t have respect for worth and dignity of other individuals in your society, illiteracy is your middle name.

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