Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What has happened to youths of this generation??

What is wrong with the youths of this generation??? Most of them have a totally different idea about Christianity...For example someone posted this;
"Lord, even if my strength fails me, your grace is sufficient for me. #CodeineTime"
I'm pretty sure that codeine wasn't meant for cough.
Youths of this days have been brainwashed into thinking that being a Christian means
-posting 'churchy' quotes on Sunday while every other day of the week it's quotes about bae and parties
-Living their life as unbelievers every other day of the week and turning into saints on Sunday mornings.
-Being born again doesn't mean your worldly life style has to change. It's the same thing, just that this time you can go to heaven.
-Speaking in tongues doesn't really count as much any longer. any one can do it.
Someone once told me this "every other day of the week I can behave the way I like and talk all sorts of nonsense but when I'm in the presence of the Lord, I'm a different person".
what happened to "let no filthy communication proceed out of your mouth''
Youths these days have been brain washed into thinking no one can be perfect. Hence we all can't live without sin. I thought the Bible says "be ye perfect, even as your heavenly father is perfect''.
We should all stop deceiving ourselves and start living a christian life by totally putting away the old man and all its attributes. Cos no matter how much we try to avoid it or disbelieve it, probably because we've been hearing it over and over again ever since we were born... Jesus Christ is coming soon, and if we don't change our lifestyles for good... hell is what awaits.
Matthew7:21, Colosians 3.

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