Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Posted to Benue State for NYSC?

Posted to Benue State for NYSC? Here are some helpful tips…
Let’s start with the orientation camp. If you are posted to Benue State for NYSC, you would probably be wondering where the orientation camp is. Benue State orientation camp is located in wannune, Tarka Local Government. You can get a car to camp from Makurdi or Gboko. You can take all the normal things you’ve been told you need in camp but one thing you can be sure you wouldn’t need if you are posted to Benue for NYSC, is mosquito nets. There are no mosquitoes on camp and hence no malaria. The food isn’t really that bad since food is cheap over here and it gets better when platoons start joining in kitchen work, but be ready to eat lots of yams. The weather in camp is just right, hot during the day and cool during the night. Don’t get carried away with how cheap the fruits are on camp and continue buying lots of them, you’ll only end up hungry before it’s time to eat.
If you have an opportunity of working your PPA in camp, don’t just rush off to choosing makurdi, unless you have someone you could stay with, and your PPA would be close to your apartment. Lots of people, when posted to Benue State for NYSC, make the mistake of rushing off to the capital city and end up either getting rejected at their PPA or spending all their allowee on transport fare alone. So if you get a slot, gboko, is a nice place if you’re looking for a bit of civilization with less stress, and the villages like katsina-ala, wannune, buruku and others aren’t so bad if you’re looking for where to stay and save a lot of cash…P.S I only know much about the Tiv areas but there’s still Otukpo in the Idoma area.
another important thing to note if you were posted to Benue State for NYSC is the fact that Benue State is the food basket of the nation. So one thing you can be sure of is you wouldn’t spend all your money on food. It took me some time to adjust to not buying excess food stuffs which I’d always end up throwing away just because they are so cheap.
The sun isn’t something to smile with so avoid it at all cost especially from 12pm to 2pm. You could get face caps or for ladies, you could make hair styles that’ll cover your fore head at least.
The people in Benue are very very hospitable. so if you are posted Don’t say ‘no, thanks’ when a Benue man offers you food, you’ll hurt their feelings and they’ll feel you hate them. When they say ‘let’s eat’ they actually mean it and hence to avoid trouble at least have a taste of it so you wouldn’t seem rude, and if you can’t, give them a valid or good explanation why you can’t.
All in all, Benue state isn’t really a bad place to serve. Job opportunities aren’t really much though but at least you could save enough to start up something if you are posted to Benue State for NYSC…

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