Thursday, 7 May 2015

Thank God I made it!

I'm on a journey to get something extremely important...I check my time (from my phone of course, no one uses watches to know time anymore), it's almost time and I still have about two miles to go. Am I going to get there on time? Should I take a bike? The time I'm going to spend waiting for a bike to come along could be used to cover more distance. I quicken my footsteps. There's someone I know coming towards me and I know he would want to chat a little... How do I avoid him, I look at my phone again. Time's not on my side and the person is coming closer and closer.... I smile as an idea forms in my mind.
"Hello, how far" I say putting the phone to my ear. "Yes, I'm almost there" I say to the imaginary person I'm talking to on the phone as my friend passes with only a wave and a smile. 
Yeah, good riddance I think to myself. Okay, time to focus I say while I quicken my footsteps.
Dear Lord, Please please please lemme make it, please lemme make it, I pray silently. 
I turn to cross the road and a bike almost hits me and the rider starts shouting different curses in Tiv language... I pay no attention, didn't even look back. Afterall, it can't hurt if I don't understand what you're saying.
Time check says 6:03...I break into a walk-run and finally I arrive....
Oh yes!!!  The only store that sells my favorite biscuit is still open!!!!!

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