Sunday, 12 April 2015

Growing up

When I was younger, I had nothing to worry about. Oh, I meant apart from the less important stuffs like, what am I going to wear to school, what I feel like eating, what hair style am I going to make, people I had crushes on and the like. I didn't bother about making decisions for myself about life,  I'd always had advisors for that, or people who made decisions for me which are my parents of course. But now, all of a sudden I'm an adult, done with school, and literally on my own. Only thing that's the same is that I still live with my parents, but aside from that, OYO, no one cares if I've eaten (lol,  they would just say 'who you help if you don't eat') I have to decide on so many stuffs like what I want to do with my life, what next step I have to take, and of course the blame for the bad decisions. Oh, I forgot about the part where I now have to give advice and assistance to my younger ones... Growing up isn't really all that fun... My advice, don't grow up, remain a baby where the only thing required from you is to answer 'fine' when asked 'how are you', or reply 'yes' to everything an adult asks. But, would that not be a curse?  staying young forever.... oh well...
Thank you God for what I am today though cause I'm in the best position I can ever be. 

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  1. Ur last line should be given as an advice to our politicians. Politicians who say, The Youths are the leaders of tomorrow yet that 2moro never comes