Tuesday 25 August 2015

Things we do when we are shy

We are all guilty of this, whether we chose to admit it or not, or we just do not notice it… Whenever we are in the presence of people who are our superiors, or people who make us feel shy, have a crush on or people who generally make us feel uncomfortable, there are some things we do… Sometimes it’s even over the phone, especially for us ladies and here are some I’ve noticed.
1.     Avoiding eye contact
2.     Playing with your nails (I do this a lot)
3.     Playing with a nearby object (this could be something as odd as a stapler, piece of paper or even a leaf, for those who still play love under the mango tree)
4.     Playing with your footwear (I saw a guy do this recently)
5.     Playing with a button or any part of your clothes
6.     Smiling sheepishly
7.     Scratching your eyes
8.     Biting of lips
9.     Playing with or scratching your hair
10.                         Cracking your knuckles
What else have you noticed???

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