Wednesday 5 August 2015

Another Accident!!!

  When people talk about having an accident and they are like...'before I knew what was happening, I was on the ground or I found myself in the hospital', I used to think...'wow, so it happens that fast?'. Well I got my answer last doesn't, at least that's not the way it happened to me.
I closed from church around 8 last night and the service was so wonderful that I found myself singing on top of the bike I boarded, I was so happy and blessed by the service and I knew nothing could steal my joy.
  During the closing prayer, the man handling the prayer asked us to pray for our journey back home from church. I remember praying that prayer with the mind of, 'its not like anything ever happens sef'. Well, I was wrong.
  When the bike I boarded got to my street, we had a collision with another bike coming towards us and before I knew it we were on the ground....nah scratch that, it happened slowly. I saw the other bike coming towards us leave his lane and crossed over to ours, I saw the collision, screamed 'Jesus' as we collided and fell to the floor. As soon as it happened, the two bike men immediately stood up and got into a heated argument about who was wrong or right. Seriously? I thought to myself, they didn't even thank God it wasn't worse or even check for injuries. Next thing I knew, they were about to start a fight. I didn't even know what they were saying since they were speaking their language. Next thing one of them started taking of his trousers! Umm...what's happening I thought to myself and I finally saw it was because he had sustained an injury on his knee. I wondered if I should just slip into the already forming crowd and go home which no one would obviously notice since they'd already forgotten about me. Just as I was about to do just that, someone came up to me and asked if I had any injuries. I looked up and it was my neighbour, I checked and that was when I  even noticed I had slight bruises and told him that it was nothing. That was when the others finally noticed my presence and told me to say what happened, which I did and made it sound as if no one was really at fault and that ended the heated argument and one of them asked me if I'd like to be taken to the hospital, I declined and said I was okay. My bikeman decided it was time to continue our journey, which we started but couldn't continue since his bike was damaged. I told him not to worry, that I'd walk the rest of the way home. He declined the money for the fare and I gladly walked back home singing....yeah nothing was gonna steal my joy.

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