Wednesday 5 August 2015

How I was chased by a COW!!!

Whenever I come across a herd of cows along the way, I always get scared that one of them would turn and start chasing me...well that finally happened.
I had left class and was on my way to make a photocopy of an handout when i suddenly heard a loud shout and heavy footsteps thumping behind me. I turned and there was this huge cow running towards me...I immediately threw my books in all directions and started running for my dear life. My whole life flashed before my eyes, people around me were screaming. I couldn't hear what they were saying and all I could think of was...Is this the end...Oh my! I ran as I have never done in my life. I could hear the cow coming closer and closer and closer... Suddenly, I felt this piercing pain in my chest and realised I couldn't run any longer...I stopped, decided to say my last prayers as I heard the cow's footsteps getting even closer. I fell on my knees and then suddenly....
P.S...this is the part where if you're under 18 you have to stop reading....
Suddenly...the cow raced past me and continued running on its own. At first, I didn't really notice as I felt I was already dead. Until, someone tapped me, I looked up thinking its probably an angel and I'm about to face judgement. When I looked up, it was the Mallam who owned the cow.
"Why you dy run?" he asked me. I stood up and looked around at the people staring at me. That was when I realised the cow was actually running onits own and was being chased by its owners...Silly silly me! I thought to myself and did a walk of shame back to where I had flung my books, praying I find them.

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