Friday 14 August 2015

My vow

Awwww....this man is so annoying and frustrating. I'm in class having a lecture, at least that's what I thought I came here for. What this lecturer is doing is telling us stories of cultists whose spirit travel out of their bodies while they were asleep... Abeg wetin concern agbero with overload???
Some lecturers don't actually know how to teach. They just come to class, mention topics you're supposed to go learn yourself, scare you with how tough their exam questions will be and tell irrelevant stories....
So I'm making a vow to myself....
When I become a lecturer, my students are going to love me (at least I'm hoping no one would blog in my class, like I'm doing now). I'm going to try to impact knowledge in them, not just to pass exams but to apply such knowledge in day-to-day life.  So future students, watch out for moi!!!

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