Friday 7 August 2015

Impolite responses

I hate it when people clearly don't want to give you assistance, help or positive response and when they finally do, they make you feel bad about it or make you know they never wanted to do it in the first place... And I wonder, why not just say 'NO' and get it over with!
Almost everyone does this in one situation or the other.
For example in class today, a student was received a phone call and I think he was told his attention was needed elsewhere. He stood up, walked to the lecturer and quietly and politely told him he had to leave... The lecturer was quiet for sometime... And then said... 'well, if you feel that's more important than this class, you can go' seriously???  Why make him feel bad about it?
In another situation, a lecturer came to teach when time for classes was already over and just as we were complaining of being tired, he said 'well it's not by force, you can go. I'll still teach even if it's just two students left'
This second instance isn't really about a 'yes or no response'....But I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I just hate impolite responses so so much.

Ummm....I just reread this post and I think it's a little confusing and probably makes no sense. I guess it's either because I'm tired since I just finished from class, or probably cos I'm so tired after overfeeding myself this morning....
Okay I'm going to stop typing now and post this  .... 

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