Thursday, 11 June 2015

To Pst and Dns Richard Idama

He’s a pastor, she’s a deaconess. He’s a civil servant, she’s a nurse. He calls her dear/darling/mummy and she calls him dear/darling/daddy. He pastors a church and she “mama’s” it. He doesn’t eat snails and periwinkles, she doesn’t cook nor eat them because of him. They have four children together and brought them up in the fear of the Lord. Sometimes he comes up as being too strict to the children and she acts as a middleman between him and the children. They never argue nor quarrel, they might disagree but they usually arrive at a decision, all it takes is time. When he/she gives an advice the other doesn’t take, he/she learns lessons from whatever comes out of it and is sure never to repeat that mistake. Whenever he buys her something, she appreciates, whether the gift is fake or not, or he was cheated by the seller. They both realize that they cant rely on their own understanding and decisions are taken together. They both know when to keep silent when the topic at hand is affecting the other wrongly. After 27 years, they still eat on the same plate every evening and talk about their day. They still make each other laugh and know when the other wants to be left alone. They know how to settle things between them and not involve a third party and they never let anything or anyone come between them. Each one of them always grabs any available opportunity to show how proud they are of each other.
Hmm…their love is unending. I love you mum and dad!!! #World’sBestParents

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