Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I don loyal finish!

This town is hooot!!! The once peaceful friendly quiet little villa is gone, and in its place…is the place where people are being plagued by armedrobbers, thieves and all whatnots. They come at night with guns to whichever unlucky lodge of their choice and leave with lots of valuables, sometimes physically harming the victims…
1)    No more going out at night
2)    No more taking my laptop to ICT department in the college close to my house for free wifi
3)    When someone calls me “Corper” in public, I loudly correct them that I’m just a student o
4)    when a bike man drops me in front of my house and charges me a bit more than the usual price, I don’t argue with him and claim rights, I pay; he could be one of them
5)    when I board a bike at night, I don’t allow him to take me straight home, I stop somewhere close to my house and walk the rest of the way home
6)    I greet every guy humbly, who says hi to me on the way; he could be one of them
Which is the reason why when I walked into a store to get biscuits this evening after church, and some guys called me “Corper”, I turned and gave a polite “Good evening” to all of them. When they asked me to join them at their table, I pretended I didn’t hear them and walked into the store. Coming back out, one of them called me loudly and accused me of ignoring them when they called the first time. Just as I was about to reply if they didn’t hear me greet, I looked closely at their faces, oh yeah, these could be part of ‘them’, and I quickly apologized that I didn’t hear them well. When they insisted I join them, I quickly showed them my headtie and told them I was off to church and was already late and escaped…
P.S I f any of my family member is reading this, all of the above is not true and its just from my imagination. This town is safe oo

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