Monday, 8 June 2015

I need a Project Topic!!!

 First semester of my Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) programme is over and now it’s time to start my project. A topic has already been approved by the department, but I still need to get an approval from my supervisor. So this morning I decided to go see him so we could talk about it. When I got to the department, I saw his car already leaving. I called out to him, he stopped and told me to get in.
Surprised, I got in and greeted him hoping he would remember me because I had already told him he was the supervisor assigned to me last week. He acted like he did and introduced me to the other guy in the car. Sorry not a guy, an old man.
“We’re about to go get lunch, hope you don’t mind joining us”. My supervisor said as he drove out of the school gate.
How can I mind that, I thought to myself.
“No problem sir”. I replied in a small voice.
And that was how we drove to a restaurant and before I knew it, a plate of pounded yam, ewedu mixed with some soup I don’t even know the name of and grasscutter meat was placed in front of me… Oh yeah…this project work is going to be exciting and I think I’m going to love my supervisor.
When we got back, he looked at the topic and decided it wasn’t a good research topic. I wanted to study the tertiary school results of students who did exam malpractice in their O’level and had high grades which would obviously not be reflected in their tertiary school results. He rejected the topic on the grounds that there was no way to determine if they actually did examination malpractice and if the reason they are failing presently isn’t as a result of other factors…
Anyways, now I have to search for a new project topic
P.S I don’t think I’m going to eat any other thing today…I just don’t want the taste of this grasscutter to leave my mouth…Hmm, my mouth still waters at the thought of it.  

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